An Argument For Argument’s Sake aka Recommended Viewing

I would not consider Wes Anderson an important filmmaker today.  Too often in recent years I find that he is constantly quoting himself in his own films and embracing a style that has grown more and more exaggerated till it has become more meaningful as a signature than as any sort of social-political representation.  I have to say I prefer the films of Hal Hartley and Whit Stillman.  If you have seen a film by either director you’ll no doubt come to realize just how in debt Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach are to them for the dialogue in their films.  The sad thing is very few moviegoers today could name a film by either Hal Hartley or Whit Stillman if their life depended on it.  That said, we here at Zimbo Films highly recommend any film by either filmmaker.  Hartley and Stillman are still as fresh and relevant today as they were when they began their careers some twenty-two years ago.

-Robert Curry


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