Some Thoughts On How To Spend Your Money

It is important when contributing to an art form to be as aware and conscious of the medium in which you are working as possible.  That is why I recommend investing in a VCR.  Hundreds of titles that are available on VHS have yet to find their way into the digital age and are of great value.  For instance, Agnes Varda’s first American film Lion’s Love is only on video, as are Heinz Schirk’s The Wannsee Conference, Charles Burnett’s To Sleep With Anger, and Boro Draskovic’s Vukovar; and all these films are quite important and essential viewing.  So why would someone working in the medium of film neglect these titles if all that stood in their way of experiencing these films was a VCR that costs less than twenty dollars at a thrift store?  If that’s not a worth while investment I don’t know what is, especially since VHS often cost less than five dollars themselves.

-Robert Curry


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