Music & Film: Some Practical Suggestions

Anyone who has ever read about a film production is aware of the number of persons involved, and all the levels of production a film must pass through (Stephen Bach’s book Final Cut is worth checking out).  But often in such books and memoirs about film, the production of the soundtrack is contained in a paragraph and nothing more.

If one is working independently and underground (as we are here at Zimbo) we have some good ideas that have worked for us we’d like to share.  Firstly, there are a number of really great bands working in and around Philadelphia who are starving for a good break.  As a filmmaker you have a couple things to offer them.  Obviously there is the music video, which is good for reels and promoting the band and in some obscure instances making a little money.  Secondly, the band may even provide some music for your film free of charge.  The credit and the playing of their song can only help to raise their profile, most likely when the film is shown in a festival setting or streaming here on the internet.

If one is looking for more “traditional” film music (such as Miklos Rozsa, Mario Nascimbene, Friedrich Hollaender and so forth) one need look no further than any local art school for a composition major.  These guys/girls are itching to tackle different genres of music and can find no better way of self-promotion than doing a film score.  To find a composition major, hang some flyers in the university, or put an ad online.

There is nothing more important to an underground filmmaker than a local community of artists.  Lets face it, we’re all struggling in the same way for the same things.  So why not join together, work together, and get all our names onto whatever “radar” we can?  Jack Smith had that figured out back in 1961.  Why can’t we see more of that now?

-Robert Curry


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