Thanks & Praise

It’s official; Zimbo Films has completed its debut The Little White Bird for festival release.  It was a long haul of four months, but it was worth it.  So I’d like to take the time now to thank Caroline and Anat, the film’s producers, for being incredibly supportive and endlessly helpful.  Next I’d like to thank Rachel Lesser for being very patient as well as gifted, for it was she who designed our lovely logo.  Josh Stoner also gets singled out for special thanks.  Without his care, support and curiosity (which discovered our public domain parade footage) I may have stopped making these short films a while ago.  My kind friends who lent us their homes and apartments to shoot in deserve our praise and gratitude as well.  Thank you Steve & April, Adair & Mary, Doug, and The University of the Arts for stellar locations.  Rachel Kaiser, the films costume designer, deserves a very special thanks for a lot of hard work and an amazing sense of style and fashion.  Traffic Nightmare, your music was perfect for the piece, we hope to work with you again.  Rob DeCarolis and Andrew Clotworthy allowed us to use their music in the film, and for that they get many well-deserved thanks.  Our groovy end credits would be nowhere if it wasn’t for the uber talented Emily Pfahl; great work and thank you.  Matt Duffy (Caroline’s award winning cinematographer boy-friend) lent us a lens; thank you.

Finally, I’d like to single out our amazing cast who brought the characters and the film to life.

Emma Arrick, you owned this role, no one else could have brought so much dimension and clarity to a part.  I have always loved your work, and it goes without saying I will strive to work with you again.

Annie R. Such, we have done so many films together.  Yet, you still surprise me on set with your uncanny abilities and your unequaled kindness.  No one has looked so good in a pantsuit ever.

Marissa Harven, we’ve also done a lot of work together.  You’re the closest thing I have ever had to a little sister and I love you as such.

Hank Curry, you’re my kid brother, and the best there is!  (Little in-joke there).

-Robert Curry


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