As We Move Forward

Earlier this afternoon producer Caroline Boyd and I submitted The Little White Bird to its first of many festival competitions.  All of us at Zimbo Films are now experiencing the comfort and closure of a productions end.  But our next film How Is One To Live? is already in the midst of pre-production.

The cast for this cerebral dark comedy includes executive producer Anat Eshel along with star Susanne Collins, Hank Curry and Charlette Hove.  Thus far, director and lead (Miss Collins) have already dedicated five hours worth of one on one meetings to sculpting the character of Veronica as well as her relationships with all the supporting cast.  The tedious attention to detail looks as though it’s going to pay off, as How Is One To Live? moves forward, and may well surpass the dramatic achievement of our previous venture.  I’ve written about the plot and the mechanisms of the films narrative before, and I feel that all apprehensions will be cast aside when the pairing of Eshel and Collins take the screen.

All those lofty ambitions aside, we are hoping that you show your support for our endeavors and root for our film on the festival circuit.  Thank you.


-Robert Curry


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