Where Would Anyone Be Without Friends?

On April 7th, 2012, I directed the second short to be produced by Zimbo Films titled How Is One To Live?  This particular film has had the longest pre-production period of any of our films.  Susanne Collins and I have been meeting since February 8th, slowly building her character, which proved incredibly worthwhile.  Yesterday, Susanne gave what is easily one of the best performances in any of my films, and I would like to thank her for that.  Miss Collins has done so much good work and contributed so much, that it would take hours to single out everything she has done and achieved for which I am thankful for, so I will simply say it again, thank you Susanne.

I would now like to thank executive producer and actor Anat Eshel for the locations, the casting, and he performance, which immeasurably contributed to the ensemble nature of the supporting cast.  Caroline Boyd, my producer on this film and The Little White Bird, is a fantastic producer.  Everyone who’s been involved with Zimbo Films should count them selves lucky we have had Caroline to manage the equipment, the budget and the festival releases.  I’ve seen Caroline work in many capacities on varied film shoots, and she always impresses, thank you.  My brother Hank Curry has once more given a character depth and subtle humor which did so much to stir things up and keep all the performances fresh, thank you.  Mike Englisis, the director of photography on this film, kept up the pace, the visual style, and the silly affection for which he’s infamous despite being hit by a car, thank you.

To Rachel Linson and Charlette Hove, the supporting players, who gave me their time, intelligence, and their talent in fleshing out the scenes with their unique characters, thank you.  To Mac Kennedy, who appears as an extra and produced the film’s score, I say thank you.  We’ve worked together so many times, and every production gets better and better for us, and I am grateful.  To Tabitha Allen, who plays on the film’s score, for recording with us for this film between takes for another project, thank you.

Emma Arrick, (the star of The Little White Bird) appears as an extra, despite her busy schedule, and continues to support and encourage the work going on at Zimbo Films, so I say thank you.  Finally, I’d like to thank Neal, Amber, Steve, and Josh for encouraging me and Zimbo Films.  Where would anyone be without friends?

-Robert Curry


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