Heading In New Directions

The schedule for Sophie & Martin’s Day In The Sun is finally locking into place.  Today I had a wonderfully constructive script analysis meeting with actress Emma Arrick.  This will be my seventh film working with Miss Arrick, and it’s always very exciting to see what she brings to her characters.  Tim Rinehart will be playing opposite Miss Arrick in the role of Martin.  I worked with Tim earlier this year for the first time on a musical web-series.

Come May tenth, we will commence on a serious rehearsal session.  The performers will be given free reign to try new things and really experiment with their characters.  Given their backgrounds and experience, I believe that this process will imbue the performances with an organic texture, making the characters more believable and real.  Of course, that wouldn’t have been possible without Charlette Hove who functioned as script editor during the earliest stages of pre-production.  Sophie & Martin’s Day In The Sun will be shot on location in Bucks County on May 17th.  Shortly after, I will be posting a trailer of some sort to this website.

After Sophie & Martin’s Day In The Sun, I will be moving onto the fourth Zimbo Films production.  I’m excited to say that producers Anat Eshel and Caroline Boyd will also be working on these films, as will Mac Kennedy.  Mac Kennedy has done the musical soundtracks to a dozen of my films, including producing the score for How Is One To Live? and composing for Sophie & Martin’s Day In The Sun.  For our fourth film, The Murder Of The Tsarevich Ivan Ivanovich, Mac Kennedy will be composing the musical score and I will be providing the words.  Unlike our other films, The Murder Of The Tsarevich Ivan Ivanovich is an experimental film, an operetta about Ivan The Terrible.  The film will draw on history, post-modern musical composition and Russian Orthodox Hymns.  Mac and I see this film as a “lo-fi” Ludwig: The Virgin King.  Even as I write this actually, Caroline Boyd (being the super producer that she is) will be preparing to locate an Orthodox church in which to shoot the film.

The Murder Of The Tsarevich Ivan Ivanovich will also mark the return of costume designer Rachel Kaiser, who worked on the Peter Pan costume in The Little White Bird.  Assisting her in this venture will be the lovely ladies of Faking Fashion, Holly Smith and Charlette Hove.  A big part of the future plans here at Zimbo Films involve branching out into new genres and styles, as well as seeking out new collaborative talent.

-Robert Curry


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