Rehearsals For Sophie & Martin’s Day In The Sun

Rehearsals for Sophie & Martin’s Day In The Sun went swimmingly this afternoon in the home of executive producer Anat Eshel and director Robert Curry.  Emma Arrick and Tim Rinehart established a very organic rapport by the end of the session.  It was clear Emma was able to successfully react to Tim’s rather closed off and neutral portrayal of Martin.  Likewise, Tim punctuated many of his driest moments with subtle physical response, often changing up that response to provoke some very organic reactions from Emma.

It’s safe to say that we’ve maintained the quality of filmmaking we originally promised earlier this year.  Throughout the rehearsal, actors and director took turns offering up good and creative interpretations of the text.  This is the fundamental building block to all Zimbo Films.  Emphasizing the organic and avoiding the traps of traditional filmic storytelling.  Any day of the week we’d prefer a long shot of a single actor to a variety of shots cut together in montage that overload the viewers visual palette with unnecessary or clichéd material.  Without a truth and naturalism to an actor’s performance there is no legitimacy to a dramatic film narrative.

We’ve been lucky in finding actors so dedicated to this mode of operations.  This will be Emma Arrick’s third film with us, and Tim Rinehart’s second film with director Robert Curry.  The close-knit relationships of these films are the primary appeal of these productions, as well as being Zimbo Films’ most valuable asset.  We’re all very excited for shooting Sophie & Martin’s Day In The Sun next week, as we are for all of our upcoming films this summer.

-Robert Curry


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