Sophie & Martin’s Day In The Sun: Reflections After The Production

On May 17th, Sophie & Martin’s Day In The Sun completed production.  This specific film is the third to be produced here at Zimbo Films.  Compared to the previous two productions (The Little White Bird and How Is One To Live?), this production was the most difficult and there were even times when I myself thought the film would not be made.  I was obviously wrong about that.

When How Is One To Live? was in its last stages of pre-production, I began writing this film.  Unlike its predecessors, Sophie & Martin’s Day In The Sun is not literary in its execution, nor is its content all that wordy, it has no urban setting, and there are no ensemble scenes.  Rather, this film is a quiet little meditation on society’s expectations and morals.  The visual components focus on the setting, not the mannerisms of the characters as the last film did.  The concerns of the characters, their conflicts have all been internalized, surviving only as subtext.  Of course, I couldn’t have written this so well without my script editor Charlette Hove.Yesterday, shooting out on the steepest hills of Tyler State Park, the cast connected to their characters via the environment as they never were able to in rehearsals.  Tim Rinehart and Emma Arrick braved many a hazardous situation and painful fall onto rocks.  They never complained, never cried, were never angry, only resolved to complete the film and give performances worthy of the best.  One fall Emma took in particular was quite horrifying, even to behold.  The dedication of these two actors, their support of my vision as their director became as essential to completing this film as the camera was.

Producer Caroline Boyd and Executive Producer Anat Eshel couldn’t share in our outdoor adventure.  However, they made it possible.  Miss Boyd procured food for the cast and equipment for the shoot.  Miss Eshel provided rehearsal space, loans, and first aid.  These two remarkable women are at the heart of Zimbo Films.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge everyone who was once involved in this project who had to leave due to various circumstances.  Your contributions, technical or creative, survive in the film and will be given further dues at the film’s release.  Thank you all.

-Robert Curry


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