A Quick Update

This passed week I ventured back out into the suburbs where we shot our last film Sophie & Martin’s Day In The Sun at Tyler State Park.  This time it was for an entirely different kind of project.

Since March, Charlette Hove and I have been developing a concept for an installation piece to be collaboration between Zimbo Films and her project that she runs with the brilliantly talented Holly M. Smith called FakingFashion.com.   Together, Holly, Charlette and myself along with Joe made the trip to Tyler Park in order to scout a location at which to shoot our project.

The piece is simple.  The viewer will enter a room, close the door behind themselves, and then engage the piece as a part of it.  On the three walls on which there are no doors will be projected an image.  The image is of a girl in a field, entering and exiting frame in a perpetual loop.  The soundtrack will consist of ambient sound exaggerated so that the viewer may hear the minutest auditory detail.  However, the piece is not limited to what media can accomplish.  The floor of this room will be carpeted with live grass.

The goal is to transport the viewer to a familiar setting.  Then, subvert the setting by manipulating the viewer’s experience of time through both the image and the soundtrack.

We’re all very excited about this collaboration, and I look forward to shooting it later this month.  We’ll keep you posted.

-Robert Curry


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