The Front Line: Part 1

Today I shot what will be the opening of our fourth film The Murder Of The Tsarevich Ivan Ivanovich.  After going through a number of conceptual changes, the film has settled quite nicely into a pseudo documentary mode.  The opening will be an interview with our title designer, Angela Rio.  While Miss Rio is composing her charcoal drawings, she discussed her major influences and how she prepared for the task at hand.  Reserved and eloquent, Angela Rio’s spotlight will be a nice way to open a film of such dark subject matter.

On Sunday we will be hosting auditions for the three major parts in the operetta composed by Mac Kennedy.  Actors and singers alike will be pouring in to seize the leads, and commit to an intensive two day recording schedule.  Mac Kennedy will be assuming his usual role here at Zimbo Films as musical producer, overseeing all the recordings and mixes.

Like Angela Rio, the actors who make the grade will be joining the Zimbo family for the first time.  And I would just like to say that we’re more than honored to be working with them.  Within the month, this film will be completed and we’ll be in production of our fifth film.  Until then, watch for regular updates.

-Robert Curry


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