End Of Year Two


A little over two years ago I was having dinner with actress Anat Eshel.  We were discussing the problems I had had organizing the shoot for my film Early One Morning  (2011) when I pitched the idea for Zimbo Films to her and asked her to work with me as my regular executive producer.  Then a week later, during a New Year’s Eve party, I invited producer Caroline Boyd to join our ranks, thus formally founding Zimbo Films on January 1st, 2012.

Now it must go without saying that much has changed since our initial inception, collaborators have come and gone, and some have even stayed on to become a bigger part of what Zimbo Films is doing here in Philadelphia.  Emma Arrick, for instance, has appeared in almost every Zimbo production and has gone on to become our primary producer as well as a director, whose debut film Staring At Walls we produced over the summer of 2013.  But more than just the faces are changing.  A few months ago I had to change the header of our facebook page because Zimbo Films is not only making short films now, but feature films and video essays.  Since the beginning of 2013, Zimbo has produced two features, An Atrocious Woman and Bitches.  Now we are looking to repeat our experiment Burt Lancaster: His Image & Sexuality by creating a series of new biographical video essays from found footage, most of which comes from DV Tapes.

But what is perhaps most important to our faithful readers and followers is the release of a soundtrack album via bandcamp.  To help celebrate a second year of Zimbo Films I have compiled some of the best music and songs from our films to be offered as a free download to anyone who would care to hear it.  Bitches, An Atrocious Woman, How Is One To Live?, Sophie & Martin’s Day In The Sun, and Two Days In The Unremarkable Life Of Parker Rappaport are all represented.  Please, enjoy.


-Robert Curry


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