2016, The Year Of Julie Lovely

2015 was a remarkable year for Zimbo Films, busier than ever.  This year saw more commissioned works than any other year, collaborating with Plant Me Here, Adair Arciero, and Hidden Lights.  Not to mention new productions written by K. Samuel Richardson and Annie R. Such.  In particular the last six months have been the most productive in all of Zimbo’s history, including 2012, which, until recently, had been the year with the most productions.


Emma Arrick & Daniel Kelly

Now, for those of you who may not already know, 2016 will be the year of Julie Lovely.  Julie Lovely will be Zimbo’s fifth feature and most dynamic undertaking yet.  As this month saunters on, you are likely to see a number of posts on various websites pertaining to the fundraising campaign that will begin shortly.  But first, an explanation of Julie Lovely.

For the last three years Thomas Lampion has been laboring, with all the love and ambition an artist could ask for, writing and designing this film.  It’s a unique film, combining late sixties nostalgia with seventies trash cinema and the Baroque Romanticism of Cocteau into a existential coming of age narrative set in an all girls school.  In Lampion’s efforts to realize this project he has enlisted K. Samuel Richardson, a filmmaker in his own right, to produce Julie Lovely.

It would not be right to say much more right now, better to let any interested party just see for themselves what all of this is over the next few weeks.



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