Every breaking away from the conventional, dead, official cinema is a healthy sign. We need less perfect but more free films. If only our young filmmakers-I have no hopes for the old generation-would really break loose, completely loose, out of themselves, wildly, anarchically! There is no other way to break the frozen cinematic conventions than through a complete derangement of the official cinematic senses. – Jonas Mekas

First published as Call For A Derangement Of Cinematic Senses on February 4th, 1959 in The Village Voice.

Zimbo Films was founded in late 2011 by Robert Curry, Caroline Boyd & Anat Eshel after the three had met while attending The University Of The Arts in Philadelphia, where they had all become painfully aware of issues facing “underground” filmmakers today. Over the course of the next three years Zimbo Films would evolve into a highly collaborative venture dedicated to creating unconventional films and video art.

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