Zimbo Films is dedicated to ensuring that the voices on the fringe of mainstream cinema have a place to be heard.  For more than four years Zimbo Films has been putting local filmmakers on the map with a variety of one of a kind projects.  The films produced by Zimbo defy easy categorization and subvert audience expectations at every turn.


Staring At Walls

An unflinching look at what it means to be in your early twenties in 2013.

dir. Emma Arrick

cast: Emma Arrick, John Riggi, Jason Rosenberg, Kip LaCombe, TJ Sonnier, Susanne Collins

 BURT LANCASTER: His Image & Sexuality

BURT LANCASTER: His Image & Sexuality analyses the various modes in which Lancaster’s image as signifier is manipulated to various ends, as well as the myriad of interpretations that are applicable to these images.

dir. Robert Curry

Sophie & Martin’s Day In The Sun

Two individuals whose chance meeting brings each other closer to finding themselves in this silent meditation on human longing.

dir. Robert Curry

cast: Emma Arrick, Tim Rinehart


The Little White Bird

The Little White Bird tells the story of an actress who performs a one woman Peter Pan show at grammar schools, and her lover/agent Mildred as their relationship plummets with self-destructive behavior.

dir. Robert Curry

cast: Emma Arrick, Annie R. Such, Marissa Harven, Hank Curry

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