Zimbo Films is proud to present not only the soundtracks to our films, but music by those artists who have contributed so much to our productions.  To download any of these products you may name your own price, or download it for free, but we guarantee that any money made from this venture will be put back into our productions. Thank you.

Sequence 1

The Curry/Tomlinson Productions Soundtrack

Compiled from the soundtracks of several short films, this fifteen track album offers new and vital insight into the aesthetic of Curry/Tomlinson Productions; an aesthetic that directly resulted in Zimbo Films.  Curry/Tomlinson Productions was prolific in their output, drawing on numerous resources and collaborators as evidenced by this compilation.  The album begins with the work of Dan Dickerson and continues through the jazz influenced pieces by Vernon Hubbard II and Doug Neder before eventually concluding with the versatile work of composer Mac Kennedy, who would provide the bulk of the music which appears in the early years of Zimbo Films.  The proceeds from this album will go toward re-outfitting Zimbo Films with new equipment so that it may carry on the level of excellence that began with Curry/Tomlinson Productions.  However, if one cannot afford a donation, it is still highly encouraged that you download this album for your own listening pleasure.  Thank you.


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