Zimbo Films is the product of collaboration between a core of professional artists and a rotating roster of actors, writers, directors, producers, cinematographers and musicians.  Everyone involved in Zimbo Films brings a unique voice and perspective to any given project.  Below is a simple introduction to the core team of Zimbo Films today.

Emma Arrick

Emma ArrickEmma Arrick is a spark plug of creative intensity; a performer, curator, director, writer and producer.  She has been affiliated with Zimbo Films in one capacity or another since Zimbo’s founding back in 2012.  Emma graduated from the University of the Arts in 2014 and has since brought multiple disciplines within the arts together in a number of shows, improvising and collaborating across mediums in new, startling ways.  From 2014 to 2015 Emma was an artist in residence at BRAT productions and subsequently launched Plant Me Here as a result of that residency.  Emma is the lead curator of Plant Me Here, a series of ongoing shows that rethink the boundaries of interdisciplinary collaboration within a live performance setting.  Emma also distinguished herself as a filmmaker in 2013 with her short film Staring At Walls.

Hank Curry

Hank Curry

Hank Curry is a Philadelphia-based actor, writer, director, and clown.  He holds a BA in Theatre and Communications from Temple University.  Hank has self-produced several original works including The Fortress (2017), Music to Laugh To (2016) with Lesley Berkowitz-Zak and Enjoy. (2014), both for Solow Fest.  He has worked with EgoPo Classic Theatre, New City Stage Company, InterAct, The Renegade Company, Power Street Theatre Company, Save the Day Productions, The Manayunk Theatre Company, and Simpatico Theatre Project, among others.  Hank was an Artist in Residence for the Philadelphia School of Circus Arts in 2016 and has also taught theatre as part of the Philadelphia Arts Education Partnership.  Hank has been a contributor to the Zimbo Films blog for over three years, writing about Buster Keaton, Danny Kaye, the Marx Brothers, and Orson Welles. He has appeared in several Zimbo productions and completed his first short film as both writer and director Hassle Magnet.

Robert Curry

Robert CurryRobert Curry is one of the original founding members of Zimbo Films, handling the management of film production and web-based media since 2012.  Between late 2011 and 2013, Curry was the acting program manager at the Cinémathèque Internationale of Philadelphia where he also contributed essays to their blog. In 2015, Curry completed an artist’s residency at GCIT, as well as contributed a number of projections to the interdisciplinary show Plant Me Here.  He has completed more than twenty short films in addition to mounting multi-media installations with the artist collective known as Third Sunday Films.   In 2017, Curry will be shooting his fifth feature through Zimbo Films.  He currently teaches pre-college and continuing studies courses on film directing and film analysis at the University Of The Arts.

Thomas Lampion

Thomas Lampion is a 26 year old N’er Do Well who professes to be a writer, cartoonist, critic and general Idiot Savant. Born in Asheville, North Carolina, an eccentric cinema loving Grandmother and a European Video Store loaded with bootlegged VHS tapes in his neighborhood lent him to a generally unhealthy obsession with film, homosexuality and the arts, his father was less than pleased. In 1995, he was known as the only six year old to curate a George Cukor Film Retrospective in his bedroom, attended by a host of stuffed animals and the occasional peeking in the doorway of his confused mother.  Having fled the South at age eighteen, Thomas managed to wind up in a brief stint in the Midwest, an unfinished novel, a glam rock band named Wicked Stepmother and a generally foggy disposition. Thomas is also the Assistant Director of Robert Curry’s two features An Atrocious Woman and Bitches. He is currently at work on the comic book series and screenplay of an original piece, Julie Lovely. His comics can be found and his film essays can be read at

Stephen Mercy

IMG_0079 copyHailing from Berks County Pennsylvania, Stephen Mercy is a composer and musician based in Philadelphia.  His work ranges from the traditionally melodic to the avant-garde.  In addition to fronting the band Hidden Lights and working as a recording producer, Mercy has found time to complete a number of soundtracks for Zimbo Films. Mercy’s other interests include video, poetry, and a rabid penchant for synthesizers.  What is, perhaps, Mercy’s most overriding trait is his preoccupation with the “screaming metaphysical blues” and the great existential problems that society presents the individual.

K. Samuel Richardson

StanleyK. Samuel Richardson is a writer and director of short films, finding inspiration in the works of Akira Kurosawa, David Lynch, Luis Bunuel, and others. Having minimal schooling, he dove headlong into the Philadelphia film industry, finding a position as script supervisor on the short film POOF. He sometimes makes money selling blacksmith items he creates at his forge at home in Germantown.



past collaborators

Caroline Boyd (producer)-The Little White Bird (2012), How Is One To Live? (2012), Sophie & Martin’s Day In The Sun (2012), This Is Charlette (2012), Two Days In The Unremarkable Life Of Parker Rappaport (2012), The Murder Of The Tsarevich Ivan Ivanovich (2013), An Atrocious Woman (2013), Staring At Walls (2013)

Charlette Hove (actress, creative consultant)- How Is One To Live? (2012), This Is Charlette (2012), Two Days In The Unremarkable Life Of Parker Rappaport (2012), The Murder Of The Tsarevich Ivan Ivanovich (2013), An Atrocious Woman (2013)

Mac Kennedy (composer)-How Is One To Live? (2012), Sophie & Martin’s Day In The Sun (2012), Two Days In The Unremarkable Life Of Parker Rappaport (2012), The Murder Of The Tsarevich Ivan Ivanovich (2013), An Atrocious Woman (2013), Bitches (2013), A Debauched Little Rogue (2014)

Angela Rio (designer, producer)-Two Days In The Unremarkable Life Of Parker Rappaport (2012), The Murder Of The Tsarevich Ivan Ivanovich (2013), Bitches (2013), A Debauched Little Rogue (2014)