Zimbo Films is proud of its affiliation with a number of distinguished artists and organizations in and around Philadelphia.  The following are but a few of our most significant collaborators to date.

Charlette Hove

Charlette Hove is an artist in the truest sense of the word. Her work spans a myriad of mediums and techniques with a fluid style and a remarkable technical efficiency. Charlette is a co-founder of FakingFashion as well as Third Sunday Films, while still finding the time to act and crew for Zimbo Films. Currently she is pursuing a Masters degree.

Emma Arrick

An accomplished actor, director and performance artist, Miss Arrick has been an integral part of Zimbo Films’ development.  She has appeared in almost every Zimbo production and, with the film Two Days In The Unremarkable Life Of Parker Rappaport, has been one of Zimbo’s primary producers.  In 2013 Emma Arrick co-founded the theatre group known as Cursed Church as well as writing and directing her first film Staring At Walls.  Currently she is moving into the field of video and installation art.

Angela Rio

Angela Rio at work.

Angela Rio is a freelance illustrator and designer based in Philadelphia. Her work is at once unorthodox and iconic. Preferring three-dimensional constructs to the more traditional two-dimensional images associated with illustration, Angela Rio has created a unique niche for herself in the Philadelphia art scene. Angela has been a producer and a designer on a handful of Zimbo productions, and has proven to be one of our most essential collaborators.

Mac Kennedy

Mac Kennedy

Mac Kennedy

Mac Kennedy has been working with Robert Curry as a composer since they first met in May 2011.  Since then Mac has provided original music for almost every Zimbo Film.  Recently Mac has played in both Drone Ranger and Ape School, and is currently pursuing a solo recording career as Vanilla Lord.

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